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Last updated 20.12.2021

OIKOS HOUSING d.o.o. respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal data. In this document we want to explain to you how we collect and what we use the personal data for the time you are using our internet pages and during your stay at our facilities, with whom we share the personal data and why, and your rights in relation to your personal data we are using and in what way we are protecting them. The Personal Data Protection Policy applies to all businesses and resorts of the company OIKOS HOUSING d.o.o.


The primary purpose of collecting personal data of our guests is to provide and improve our services and for the execution of our legal obligations. Personal data is collected for the following purposes:

  1. Improving the functionality of our web sites www.oikoshousing.com; www.oikos-housing.com; www.oikosresorts.com
  2. Booking of accommodation or communication with clients for responses regarding their interests for our services (through our website, email or by phone)
  3. The execution of a contractual relationship with a guest for the duration of his stay
  4. Purchase of additional services
  5. Payment of services
  6. Managing internal records on guests due to our legitimate interests in improving our offer, relationship with customers of our services and service and sales results  
  7. Communication with our clients even after their stay (providing information about special offers, promotion of services.)
  8. Fulfilling our legal obligations according to the Catering Act and supporting regulations, the Providing Services in Tourism Act, the Accounting act, the Protection at Work Act, and the Protection of Monetary Institutions Act.


During your visit to our website, when investing in a house or booking your accommodation and stay at our facilities or cooperation with OIKOS HOUSING d.o.o., for the above stated purposes, we will be able to collect information that can identify you, directly or indirectly. The personal information we collect include:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your date of birth, address, and nationality
  3. Your contact information
  4. Your credit card numbers
  5. The number and type of your personal documents
  6. Notes that you have specified to us (for example allergies to which we need to pay attention to during your stay)
  7. The video recording from the video surveillance system on the facilities
  8. Your IP address during your visit to our website.


We do not sell, rent, or make available your e-mail address and other data to third parties, without your consent, as this is contrary to our privacy policy. 

Oikos Housing d.o.o. adheres to a strict “no spam” policy. We ask for your special permission if you want us to contact you regarding our special offers and promotions. If you have already been a guest in our facilities and we have communicated via the e-mail address you gave us when booking or during your stay with us, we would from time to time contact you with information about our special promotions and offers related to our services, which we believe you are still interested in and which constitute our legitimate interest. If you do not wish to receive our information, you can at any time withdraw your consent by simply clicking on the default link in the promotional email or by contacting us directly.


If you wish to contact us via the form or send us an e-mail with personal data by which you can be identified, we use this information exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling your requests.


OIKOS Housing d.o.o. maintains and edits profiles on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Visitors to our social media profiles can post content, photos or comments related to our facilities, services or stay with us. Visitor posts are based solely on the interest and consent of the profile visitors themselves.

For publicly published content, which relates to your stay with us, we may ask for your consent to publish this content on our websites or social media profiles. The content we may post relates exclusively to publicly available images and comments posted on Facebook or Instagram for which you have given us your consent. By agreeing to such publications, you accept the rights and uses of your content, which will be presented to you when you ask for your consent.


We use cookies for our website to work optimally and for us to be able to make further improvement of the site and to improve your user experience. Cookie settings can be controlled and customized in your web browser, and the use of cookies can be disabled according to your choice. If you disable cookies you can still browse our site, but some of its features will not be available to you.

A cookie is information stored on your computer by a web site you visit. Cookies usually store your settings for a web page, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you again open the same web page, the browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page. This allows the page to display information tailored to your needs.

There are several types of cookies: first-party cookies, temporary cookies (Session cookies), permanent cookies (Persistent cookies), and third-party cookies.

First-party cookies come from a website that you are viewing and can be either permanent or temporary. By using these cookies, websites can store data that you will use again the next time you visit that website (for example, language selection). Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from your computer when you close yourinternet browser. Permanent or Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your internet browser. These allow a web site to store information, such as login name and password, so that you don’t have to sign in each time you visit a particular site. Persistent cookies will remain on your computer until you as a user disable/delete them or until your browser deletes them (the period defined in the settings of the browser).

Third-party cookies come from advertisements of other websites (such as pop-ups or other advertisements) on the web page you are viewing. By using these cookies, web sites can track the use of the Internet for marketing purposes.

OIKOS Housing d.o.o. uses cookies on its website. We use first-party cookies (temporary and permanent) and third-party cookies.

We use cookies to optimize the pages in terms of system performance, ease of use and useful information about our services. With cookies we automatically collect and store the data in the log files on your computer. The collected data includes information about your IP address, browser type and language settings, the operating system, the name of the ISP (Internet service provider) and a date/time.

Individual user data is not given to us, but rather, the information we process is anonymous and statistical data along with demographic data about our users. We use this information for the analysis of trends and marketing needs and the effective management of the website because it helps us to find out more about the behaviour of our users on our site, the success of some of our marketing events and the primary interests of our website visitors.


Your personal data will be kept in a form which can identify you no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. At the end of that time, which for certain processing is regulated by local laws that binds us for a longer period of keeping the data, the data will be deleted or made unavailable for further processing.


In the case of certain data processing, the data you provide to us may be transferred or given to third parties. In no case do we sell, rent, or give to ownership your data to unauthorized third parties. The transfer of data or access to data is performed for the following reasons:

When we have received your consent for such a transfer

When companies or service providers that OIKOS Housing d.o.o. use for the purposes of certain processing access the data in a way that is regulated by the contractual relationship with OIKOS Housing d.o.o.

To meet our business and legal obligations

In the case of the need of data transfer, due to one of the above reasons, we try to limit the data that is transferred to a necessary minimum. Third parties to whom we transfer your data are committed to protect your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data.


At any time, you may request information about your personal data which OIKOS Housing d.o.o. are processing, along with the source of the data, the recipients of the data, the purpose of storage as well as the entities to which we transfer your personal data. In addition, you have the right to update, correct, block, or delete your data in accordance with the legal regulations.

You can send us a request for access to your personal data on the email welcome@oikoshousing.com or to our address OIKOS Housing d.o.o., Miklavška cesta 67, 2311 Hoče, Slovenia, EU, with your contact data and titled “request for access to personal data”. We cannot allow access to personal data by way of a phone conversation. To prevent abuse of your personal data, we will ask you for additional proof of your identity. Without determining the validity of an identity, a request for access to personal data will not be able to be met.


OIKOS Housing d.o.o. advises parents and caregivers to teach children about the safe and responsible handling of personal data on the Internet and on the caution required when using the Internet. Our internet pages, that might attract children and possibly collect personal information of children under the age of 14 years, are made to fully protect the rights of children and their privacy possible. In accordance with that intent and effort, OIKOS Housing d.o.o.

Does NOT collect, does NOT use, and does NOT reveal information that can be used to contact children through the Internet, except in the case of promotional games on the Internet. Such information, for contacting through the Internet, is used without the permission of the parents only to immediately respond to the child’s request and will not be used for any other intention.

We do NOT collect personal information for contact outside of the Internet, except for handing out prizes, and even then, only with the permission of the parents

We do NOT provide any personal information to third parties without prior consent of the parent

We do NOT allow children, without the consent of a parent, to publicly publish or otherwise distribute personal information or other materials sent to us so they can be contacted, nor do we encourage children, to participate in the contest or any other activities, to give out more information than necessary to participate in each activity.

In cases where children under 14 years of age can participate in the prize games, we request from the child to first request permission to participate from their parents or legal representatives and to enter the e-mail address of their parent or representative.

If a child under the age of 14 wins a prize, the parents or guardians are informed of this by email, telephone or in writing.

The personal data of the child and the parents will be deleted from our database if the parents request this.

As a parent or guardian, you always have the right to request access to all personal data about your child that we received on any of our pages and you can request deletion of the data (if the data still exists in our database) and/or ban us from future collection and use of information about your child. If you are a parent and wish to exercise this right, please feel free to contact us.

Apart from the above, OIKOS Housing d.o.o.  guarantees the protection of personal data of children regulated by special laws.