OI Concept Homes

High-end sustainable timber Homes in Concept Villages based on an ROI business model.

OI Concept Homes

Your high-end sustainable wooden Homes in Concept Villages based on an ROI and ROE business model.


OIKOS Housing is the only Slovenian creator of sustainable modular homes, with its original business model in sustainable OI Concept Village resorts.

Owners can expect ROI in 7 years while enjoying a relaxing time in “barefoot luxury homes” made of natural materials in quiet, secluded locations right by the sea.

Guests, lovers of minimalistic design, nature and sustainable lifestyle can work, live, and travel in 100% comfort 365 days a year.


The searenity home


The barefoot luxury home


The sea esta home


The ocean pearl


“Complete package of renting a house.”

The concept of sustainability and the significant difference to usual mobile homes made our decision inevitable. We adore the contemporary style of the Home and the quality of the equipment.
Because we can’t spend too many weeks there, it’s convenient to have a reliable income stream by renting the Home with no extra work.
We know quality comes at a price. But it is worth it!

Roland A. Reidinger
Owner of Federal Department of Graphic Design


If you’re looking for a company that inspires through passion & inspiration by combining a modern way of living and beautiful design you are at the right place. My experience with Oikos Housing was flawless and very professional. From the moment I’ve set foot in their resort till the moment I’ve purchased one of their amazing homes it has been an amazing experience and being a part of such a story is truly something beautiful. I can only recommend.

Dusan Potrc
CEO of DP-Creative

“My ROI comes from making other people happy!”

What I love the most about our OI Concept home investment is returning our investment while sharing the experience and making other people happy.
You help them create the best memories – without the hustle of mass tourism.
For us, investment in OI Concept home is a dream come true.

Giovana Luhasz
Partner at GIA Consulting SRL


As a successful business owner, you know it’s necessary to have a second ongoing additional revenue stream. Possibly the one that requires little to non of your input.

We estimate ROI as quick as in 7 years & your investment will count for the generations to come. Maybe this is your chance to make it happen.


You love to travel – but in a new, conscious way.
You love to explore new places – but they have to be remarkable.
You love the design – but it has to be mindful.
You want to have everything in a hand’s reach yet minimalistic way.

You might just find a place for your next vacation …